Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cafe Atlantico, Washington DC

If you've talked to me since I got back from Washington, you know I'm about to wax poetic about the Best Guacamole I've Ever Had. There's nothing like fresh avocados mixed right there at your table with cilantro, fresh tomatoes, red onions and more served with warm flour tortillas and a cold mojito...nothing better. If you're in DC, visit Cafe Atlantico
to partake in these and other gastronomical delights.


Lavatory Lady said...

That sounds divine!! I may have to check it out. What was their bathroom like??


Stephanie Davis-Kahl said...

Definitely - it's a great place. The bathroom was nice - spacious, clean and I remembering liking the colors (although I can't remember what they were at this point...). You have a very interesting blog! :)